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All The Dogs I've Loved Before


I've spent a lifetime loving dogs. It all started with Keela. She was kind, sweet, and patient with her 3 toddler sisters (that's me on the right). She instilled in me the fierce love and passion that I have for dogs and giving them the best life that I possibly can. She was gone far too soon but gave us so much love in the short time that we had her.


After Keela passed from a sudden sickness our family got our second Rottweiler, Jessie. Jessie was hilarious, goofy, and not the sharpest tool in the shed (but oh so endearing). She was completely loyal and was my right-hand gal. I wanted to do everything with her.


About a year after we got Jessie a little white dog with brown spots showed up in our front yard. We put up signs and found her family. After several times of her coming back and us returning her the other family said that we could keep her. Rosie was Jessie's best friend, but wouldn't hesitate to tattle on her whenever she got into the trash or pulled a pillow off the couch. She was smart as a whip with a heart of gold. I think we lost a piece of her when we lost Jessie.


Rocky was our first boy and by far the craziest dog we had ever had. I quickly became attached and enjoyed coming home from high school every day and taking a power nap with 'little brother'. He was wild and entertaining and kept us in stitches with his antics. He followed Rosie everywhere and was lost when she was gone. I was so sad to leave him to go off to college and even more devastated when I got the phone call that he had passed. After losing Rocky my parents decided that they couldn't deal with the loss of anymore furry family members of their own.

Betty and Buster

I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with these two who complete me.

My junior year of college I was absolutely missing having a dog in my life and was starting to look for one of my own. A family in my parents' neighborhood had a pup they needed to rehome. On May 1st, 2012 I adopted Betty (left), which is proving to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Betty is the perfect dog. She is sweet, obedient, intuitive, and has flourished in the role of big sister. She excels at comforting and I don't think there's been a night where she hasn't taken her place of little spoon next to me.

On February 2nd, 2013 I brought home 12-week old Buster. He was tiny with ears far too big for his head (he's grown into them a little bit). For the first few days the two of them had a rough start. Finally, Betty stopped being mad at me and accepted Buster into our family and they have been inseparable ever since. Buster is funny, a little spastic, loving, and very sensitive. We have had an interesting battle trying to help him with his separation anxiety but with that he has gained the ability to know exactly when someone needs love or affection.

I'm grateful to be able to work in a career that allows me to be home with my dogs off and on throughout the day and that has also given them the opportunity to makes lots of new little friends.

I love what I do. I truly think my life was intended to be spent caring for and cultivating bonds with animals. It comes naturally to me and I love sharing my time and my life with them. I look forward to spending time with your pet and welcoming them as part of my family.

With all my love,

Jill Kern